IT Industries Are Getting Smarter!

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As it feels the heat in the United States, the IT market has restored its plans to tap non-English markets The market is in the process of speaking to State governments and engineering colleges to launch foreign language courses as it sets its eyes on the Japanese, African, Korean and Chinese markets.

The Electronic devices and Computer Software application Export Promotion Council (ESC), which is sponsored by the Union Federal government, says 6 languages cover 80 percent of the world GDP and 160 nations.

“Apart from English, the Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and Arabic languages dominate the markets. Up until now we are concentrating on the English-speaking markets, with a concentrate on the The United States and Canada. This needs to be altered,” Prasad Garapati, Chairman of ESC, has said.

“If you understand French, you can tap 29 nations. If you know Spanish, you can cover another 29 nations. Arabic is spoken in 22 markets,” he stated.

Garapati is in the city for the two-day IndiaSoft occasion, being participated in by 400 delegates from India, Africa, Nepal and the Gulf area.

Eyeing more recent markets.
Nalin Kohli, IndiaSoft Committee of ESC, stated the country would require newer markets to tap in the background of the recent advancements in the United States. “For one, African countries like Nigeria and Kenya are looking for Indian IT solutions and services in healthcare and education,” he said.

“For long we have actually been focussing on the United States market, which contributes about 60 percent to the IT market’s incomes. But there is a huge appetite for Indian IT product and services in Japan, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong and numerous emerging nations. We have to focus on these markets to broaden the basket,” Prasad informed BusinessLine.

In order to draw in clients from these markets, the country have to acquire language skills. “We have actually assisted develop a pool of 1,000 Japanese-speaking specialists some time back and all of them have been placed. Japan is the second most significant market for the IT industry after the US,” he said. “We remain in talks with the States to start courses in a few of the foreign languages,” Prasad stated.

Unlike Nasscom, the ESC concentrates on smaller business and helps them find export markets. About 250 small companies, consisting of 50 start-ups, have actually showcased their products to potential consumers from abroad.

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